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Discover the University of Oran2

History of the university establishment:

The first University of Oran was born from the National School of Medicine and Pharmacy, created on October 18, 1961 at the Oran Hospital Center, the University College of Science and the University Literary College. By Presidential Decree No. 65-119, the University Center of Oran was created on April 13, 1965. It was domiciled in Es-Sénia in 1966, on the current main Campus - former airbase surrendered on March 19, 1966 by the Ministry of National Defense for the benefit of the Ministry of National Education during the visit of President Houari Boumediene. On December 12, 1966, President Houari Boumediene inaugurates the first university of independent Algeria. By ordinance n ° 67 - 278 of December 20th, 1967, the University Center of Oran is erected in University comprising four faculties:

 - Faculty of Law and Economics,

 - Faculty of Sciences,

 - Faculty of Arts and Humanities,

 - Medical School.

The 1971 reform led to an organization into institutes. The University of Oran also consists of 14 campuses located in 03 different municipalities: Oran, Es-Sénia and Bir-el-Djir.

Presentation of the university establishment:

On Tuesday, 28 Safari 1430 corresponding to 24 February 2009, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika inaugurated 6,000 teaching places at the Belgaid University Center, Daïra de Bir el Djir.

The University of Oran 2, Ahmed Ben Ahmed, was officially created:

By Executive Decree No. 14-261, of 27 Dou El Kaada 1435, corresponding to September 22, 2014.
By Ministerial Decision No. 476 of October 29, 2014, appointing Mr. BENMEZIANE Bencherki, Rector of the University of Oran 2, Ahmed Ben Ahmed.
By presidential decree of 21 chaoual 1437, corespondant to 26 July 2016, appointing Mr AMROUN Seddik, Rector of the University of Oran2, Mohamed Ben Ahmed.
By Ministerial Decision No. 295, of October 15, 2018, appointing Mr. ABDELILAH Abdelkader, Rector of the University of Oran 2, Mohamed Ben Ahmed.
Under the aegis of the Rectorate, four Vice-Rectorates are organized as follows:

- Vice-rectorate of Higher Education of the 1st and 2nd cycle, Continuing Education, Diplomas and Higher Graduation Training;

- Vice-rectorate of Postgraduate Higher Education, University Empowerment, Scientific Research and Postgraduate Training;

- Vice-Rectorate of External Relations, Cooperation, Animation and Communication and Scientific Events;

- Vice-Rectorate of Development, Foresight and Orientation.

Today, the University of Oran2 consists of 05 faculties and 01 Institute, with a total of 35 departments distributed as shown in the table below:

1- Faculty of Law and Political Science;

2- Faculty of Economics, Commercial Sciences and Management Sciences;

3- Faculty of Foreign Languages;

4- Faculty of Social Sciences;

5- Faculty of Sciences of the Earth and the Universe;

6 -Institute of Maintenance and Industrial Safety.



Faculties and Institutes

departments Domaines of the LMD Formation
Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Politiques Droit Public Droit et Sciences politiques
Droit Privé
Sciences Politiques et Relations Internationales
Faculté des Sciences Economiques, Sciences Commerciales et Sciences de Gestion Sciences Economiques Sciences économiques, de Gestion et Commerciales
Sciences Commerciales
Sciences de Gestion
Sciences Financières
Faculté des  Langues Etrangères Langues Latines (Langues Française et  Espagnole)

Lettres et Langues Etrangères

Langues Anglo-saxonnes (Langues Anglaise, Allemande et Russe)

Faculté des Sciences Sociales Sociologie  
Psychologie, orthophonie et un département des Sciences de l'Education
Faculté des Sciences de la Terre et de l’Univers Géologie

Sciences de la Terre

et de l’Univers

Géographie et Aménagement du Territoire

Institut de Maintenance

et de Sécurité Industrielle

Sécurité Industrielle et Environnement Sciences et Technologies (Filière à recrutement National)
Maintenance en Instrumentation
Maintenance en Electromécanique