Call for Reviewers


Dear Colleague,

We seek your assistance as an expert reviewer for ALTRALANG Journal. The blind review is an essential element for the choice, presentation, and edition of our publications. The paper review process will take place twice a year: each reviewer will be ascribed about four (4) papers to assess.

The benefits of being a reviewer:

  • Establish your expertise in the field and expand your knowledge. 
  • Increase your exposure to key figures in the specialty. 
  • Become part of a network that is likely to prove valuable and pleasurable throughout your career.
  • Stay current with the latest literature in academic, education and training, and have advanced access to research results. 
  • Develop critical thinking skills essential to your own research and writing. 
  • Advance your career – serving as a peer reviewer looks good on your CV and can make a difference when it comes to research and funding opportunities, employment, and promotions. 
  • ALTRALANG’s scopes : Anthropology /Education/Translation and Terminology Studies/ Applied Linguistics/ Interpretation Studies/ Cultural Studies/Communication Studies/ History/Philosophy/Literature & Literary Theory/Linguistics/Sociolinguistics/ Lexicology and Lexicography/ICTS and Discourse Studies/ ICTS and Pedagogical Studies/ Discourse Analysis/Ethnographical Studies/ Islamic and Quranic Studies /Religious studies/Community & Ethnicity Studies/Language Documentation/Gender Studies/Language Ideologies/Language Minorities and Majorities/Language Revitalization/Language in Real and Virtual Spaces/Language Socialization/Sociology/Semiotics and Semiology/Social Psychology/Sociology and Political Science/Political Science and International Relations/Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management/Visual Arts and Performing Arts/Arts and Humanities.

How to Apply 

If you are interested in reviewing manuscripts/articles for ALTRALANG Journal, please follow the protocol for review adhesion by 

  1. Sending a copy of your current Curriculum Vitae (CV) 
  2. Filling the Review Form (download the Review Forms Below : Arabic/Tamazight/ English/ French/ Spanish/ German/ Russian/ Turkish/Italian/Chinese ) and emailing it to

Once you receive approval for reviewing, please read ALTRALANG Journal instructions and guidelines for authors to get a general understanding of ALTRALANG edition process.


Kind regards,

Dr. Mimouna ZITOUNI 

Editor in Chief 


For more information and/or clarifications, please contact  us on :