Integrating Culture in EFL: High Stakes and Thorny Issues

  • Habib YAHIAOUI University of Mascara Mustapha Stambouli. Algeria
Keywords: Cultural Dimension, Cultural Competence, Attitude, Elf Education, Target Culture, Reciprocity of Ideas


ABSTRACT: The starting point of the present paper is the strong conviction that the cultural dimension should be encompassed in EFL education. Indeed, cultural competence is a key factor in enhancing the learning of English and the comprehension of the bolts and nuts of the target culture so as to provide an environment of respect and reciprocity of ideas. At the same time, cultural dimension is a salient issue in our education as one should know whether the practitioners have the skill, the knowledge, and  the attitude to incorporate this dimension. To answer this question, a research has been carried out at six secondary school at sig (Mascara) involving 23 teachers. A questionnaire, an interview and sessions of observation have been used to collect data. Results show that teachers do not follow a systematic process in introducing the cultural insight in their lesson planning. Nor do they devote a consistent amount of time to teach the cultural dimension.


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