Aurangzeb and The Decline of the Mughals

  • Sayan LODH Presidency University, Kolkata, India
Keywords: Aurangzeb, India, the Mughal Empire


ABSTRACT: Aurangzeb has been held responsible by many historians for hastening the decline of the Mughal Empire.  The paper titled ‘Aurangzeb and the Decline of the Mughals’   is aimed at examining the role of Aurangzeb in the downfall of the Empire.  The passage of Aurangzeb from being a prince to becoming Emperor Alamgir has been discussed.  The character of Aurangzeb has been discussed with a mention of his letters.  The alternate explanation about Aurangzeb being a just, impartial ruler has also been provided. It concludes with a little bit of discussion about the other causes and the aftermath of the decline


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