Monólogos y Polifonía en Tiempo de silencio de Luis Martin Santos

  • Khalida TOUIL Universidad de Orán 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed, Argelia
Keywords: Monologues, Interior, Polyphony, Tiempo de silencio


ABSTRACT: Our article entitled "The Polyphony in the Monologues of Tiempo de Silence by Luis Martin Santos" aims at the descriptive analysis of the phenomenon of polyphony in monologues, on the one hand, and the way in which this polyphony is constitutive of the literalism of another.

The presence of monologues in Tiempo de silencio is very particular, not because it is the sole or main narrative device, but because it reflects the interior, the intimacy of the characters, and the crossing of many voices that create complex architectures. Therefore, we can say that Tiempo de silencio is a polyphonic work.

By analyzing the polyphony of monologues, we try to observe and demonstrate the following hypothesis: Martin Santos's monologue is one of the most important elements involved in the creation of the fictional universe of the novel, their presence allows us to characterize the characters in this novel. Thanks to these inner discourses, we learn what are the problems, the contradictions, the frustrations, the moral turpitude of these characters


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