Barbarossa’ Marine Strategy the Role of Algeria

  • Muhsin KADIOGLU Istanbul Technical University. Turkey
Keywords: Algeria, Barbarossa, Hayreddin Pasha, Kapudan Pasha, Ottoman, Marine strategy


ABSTRACT: Hayreddin Barbarossa is the biggest admiral of Turkish and Islamic history. Barbarossa' victory over the crusader navy has not been passed on to any other admiral.

As it is known, Hayreddin Barbarossa has written the war stories with the order of Suleiman the Magnificent. The name of this book is “Gazavat-ı Hayreddin.” This book contains objective information about religious, political and military conflicts with Spain and the Habsburg Empires. On the other hand, in this book there is information on the invitation of Hayreddin Barbarossa to Algeria, economic, social, cultural and religious status of Algeria at that time, and power struggles.

In this study, the role and importance of Algeria in the maritime strategy of Hayreddin Barbarossa will be evaluated in the context of the information given in the mentioned book.


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