ALTRALANG Journal Topics

ALTRALANG Journal is planned to be the scientific forum for the presentation of new advances, and researches in a wide spectrum of education, social sciences and humanities. Also other topics which are related to education, social sciences and humanities will also be welcomed to the conference.

We welcome submission of research papers related to the following topics:


Social Studies Education - Psychological Studies in Education, etc. - Higher Education - New Trends in the Higher Education Area - Curriculum, Research, and Development - Educational Communications and Technology - Educational Measurement and Evaluation - Educational research, etc. - E-learning - Elementary Education - Education, Research and Globalization - Barriers to Learning (ethnicity, age, psychosocial factors, ...) - Information and Communications Technology in Education - Language Education - ESL/TESL - Adult and Continuing Education - Family Education - Comparative Education - Education and Globalization - Early Childhood Education - Preschool Education - Special Education - Rehabilitation Counseling - Teacher Training - Vocational Education -Women and minorities in science and technology - Increasing affordability and access to the Internet - Student Support in Education - Ethical issues in Education - Intellectual Property Rights and Plagiarism - Managing Cultural Diversity - Youth participation .



Methodology of Social Sciences, Philosophy of Social Sciences, etc.


General Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Sport Psychology, Psychological Psychology, Culture Psychology, Development Psychology, Educational Psychology, School Psychology, Military Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Psychology of Religion, Psychology of Law, Media Psychology, Health Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology, Measurement and Statistics, Mental Diseases and Psychotherapy, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Consulting Psychology, etc.

All fields of sociological studies including:

Social Research or Social Science, Community studies, socio-ethnic problems, rural sociology, Sociobiology, social deviance, gender studies, the sociology of law, the sociology of religion,comparative sociology, Political Sociology, Social Psychology, Science, Technology and Society, Social Policy and Social Legislation, Caring or Research for the Elderly, Family Research,Child Research, Online Society or Online Community, Globalization impacts, Social Work in Modern Society, gerontology, etc.

Women's Studies

Topics such as women and health, women's psychology, women and politics, as well as gender studies and feminism


Language & Linguistics

Studies theoretical, literary and historical linguistics as well as stylistics and philology.

Translation & Interpretation Studies
Literature, Literary Theory & Criticism

Comparative literature, literature of a specific genre, literary movement or era in literary history, and specialty literatures (such as children's or women's literature, literature of cultures

Methodological Studies in Humanities

Multidisciplinary Studies in Humanities


All types of music studies: classical, opera, ethnic, choral, folk, sacred, early music, popular, jazz, country, new music, and others.


Logic, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, metaphilosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of science, philosophy of education, philosophy of history, philosophy of religion, history of philosohy



Religious Studies, Studies on Religion

Folklore Studies

Studies on folklore,traditions of various nationalities and ethnic groups, folk costume, story-telling, food, wedding and burial customs, children's games, etc.


All fields of History: world, national, regional, cultural, religion, ethnic, military, and nautical