Moujahid Mohammed Ben Ahmed

 Member of the Historic Fifth State Leadership

Mohammed ben Ahmed, called Major Si Musa, was born on July 2, 1920.

He continued his studies in the public school in French, obtaining the primary certificate and above its level to become a teacher in 1939 in the city of Siq, leaving teaching and verification in the city of Oran to practice business, so that he is free in his movements, actions and actions where he was one of the founders of the School of El Fallah to teach Arabic language and Islamic religion in Oran.   His first activity was in the Association of Scholars in Educational and Social Reform in 1940, which was led by Sheikh Abdul Hamid Bin Badis. Before joining the ranks of the Democratic Union of The Lovers of ElBayan, and in 1952 He ran for the local elections in Oran , and became working with Ben Ahmed Abdelghani and Al-Souiyah Al-Houari in the movement for the triumph of democratic freedoms after the dissolution of the Algerian People's Party, he made and lived the sorrows of the November 1, 1954 bombing, with his companions such as Ahmed Ben Bella, Haj Ben Alah, Ahmed Zabana, Hamou Boutlilis, Souih Al-Houari, Al-Arabi ben Mehidi, and Abdul Hafiz Bousouf. And Fartas Mouhamed and others..... from the leaders of the West Side.

In 1960, the commander of the Algerian-Tunisian Border and Eastern Command was appointed to organize and structure the National Liberation Army in combat legions to confront the enemy in the Shal and Maurice lines and coordination between the northern and southern regions of the military operations on the Algerian-Tunisian border.

After the suspension of the fighting on March 19, 1962, Major Moussa Ben Ahmed participated in healing wounds and uniting the national ranks of the earth and the people, and reuniting and uniting the ranks and hearts among the sons of the one nation, which is Algeria only.

The moudjahed and militant Mohammed ben Ahmed, known as Major Si Musa, died on Tuesday night in April 2004 at the age of 84.

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