The art of cinema in the 21st century

The art of cinema in the 21st century


Roles and challenges



     The ultimate goal of art is not just to influence through image or sound, or both, but rather that art, itself, remains a form of thought in its own way, as philosophy, for example. To think philosophically means to think of the possible, and in this precise context, art is very close to philosophy, because the latter makes it transcend the stage of only transmitting facts and telling them through concrete images, to finally think of the possible.

     After relying initially on the memory of the past, we now see that cinema aspires to anticipate what could happen in a near future, and that art thinks about the advent, something that comes under the concern of the event, and generation, which remains a necessity of the past, as if art, and cinema in particular, were the screen through which the idea can be told, returning to the history of humanity, in a temporal entanglement where all ideas are embodied and frequent each other, and where all the characters and all the roles are played out there, ranging from politics, economy and society, to crafts, sport and athletics, not forgetting the wars waged and directed through cinema.

     Indeed, wars themselves are happening nowadays only through the camera, and this in order to cause a global panic aiming to achieve the goals of the countries controlling the wheels of world leadership, only to convey a particular idea, and this is how the idea is transformed into reality, as if it were a kind of artistic Praxis which denies the religion of the abstract idea. This is how cinema becomes a possible idea...

     “Cinema is for us, of all the arts, the most important.” This quote from Lenin perfectly sums up the preponderant place that some governments give to the film industry, seeing it as a crucial and essential tool for raising awareness, transmitting an ideology or even promoting a tourist destination. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the question of the status, the roles and the stakes of the cinematographic field in all its aspects. Is the latter an idea? Or a truth captured on screen? Or is it much more than that? Thus, this symposium aims to go deeper into the different aspects related to cinematographic analysis, with the aim of discovering how this art can currently be used as a true reflection of our world today, and how we could use the latter to educate public opinion, as well as the social imaginary, on the most sensitive current topics, whether in the social, religious or political sphere.

This forum is organized as part of the celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the independence of Algeria


Working axes:

- Cinema in its theoretical aspect

- The cinema from the point of view of the legislator

- The film industry in Algeria (economy, employment, economic model)

- Society in the mirror of Algerian cinema

- The question of identity in Algerian cinema





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