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ASJP is an electronic publishing platform for Algerian scientific journals developed and managed by The Research Centre on Scientific and Technical Information CERIST.

the CERIST is a scientific and technological public institution placed under the aegis of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Algeria by virtue of the Decree No 03-454 of December 1st, 2003.


Under the authority of the Minister of Scientific Research, the Directorate-General is implementing, collectively with other sectors, the national policy of scientific research and technological development, as defined by law n° 98-11 of 22 August 1998, amended and supplemented.

The Directorate-General executes the decisions and recommendations of the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research of which it ensures the secretariat CNRST).

The Directorate-General carries out the coordination of the activities of scientific and technological research collectively with other sectors, through Intersectoral Commissions and Thematic Research Agencies and in relation with Standing Sectoral Committees of the sectors concerned by these activities.


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