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About Algeria

Officially the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa. The capital and most populous city is Algiers, located in the far north of the country on the Mediterranean coast. With an area of 2,381,741 square kilometers Algeria is the tenth-largest country in the world, the world's largest Arab country, and the largest in Africa. Algeria is bordered to the northeast by Tunisia, to the east by Libya, to the west by Morocco, to the southwest by the Western Saharan territory, Mauritania, and Mali, to the southeast by Niger, and to the north by the Mediterranean Sea. The country is a semi-presidential republic consisting of 48 provinces (Wilayas).

About Oran

Oran is a major coastal city located in north-west of Algeria. It is considered the second most important city of Algeria after the capital Algiersdue to its commercial, industrial, and cultural importance. It is 432 km from Algiers. 

Oran is perhaps most famous for being one of the birthplaces of the rai music style. This inventive form of music is one of the more modern music styles that is popularly enjoyed in the various parts of Algeria and all over the world. The easy going and liberal atmosphere that pervades the city of Oran is clearly evident in this style of music. Initially performed only by men, it soon became the domain of many women - many of whom have become every bit as popular as their male counterparts.


CULTURE  about  Oran


The folk music Raï ("opinion" in Arabic), had its beginnings in Oran. This genre of music was formulated by shepherds in the 1930s through Arab and European influences. This music was surrounded by controversy due to women's key role in public performances of the music, as well as the hedonistic lyrics about love. Many notable Raï musicians (including Cheb Hasni, Cheb Khaled, and Rachid Taha) hail from Oran. The violinist Akim el Sikameya was also born in Oran. One of Oran's most famous emigrants is Yves Saint Laurent

Costumes: Blouza Wahrania, Kaftan 

Food: Carnatica, Hrira, Berkoukes

Sports: The Most popular sport in Oran is football (Soccer)

Oran, has been chosen to host the The 19th Mediterranean Games in 2021 

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