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About Oran 2 University.
The University of Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed was created in September 2014 (Decree N.14-261 Dhou El Kaada 1435 corresponding to 22 September 2014 bringing the creation of the University of Oran 2) and was born from the split of the University of Oran (Established in 1967) to two Universities Oran 1 Ahmed Ben Bella and Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed. 

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Historical backgrounds

Mohammed ben Ahmed, called Major Si Musa, was born on July 2, 1920. He continued his studies in the public school in French, obtaining the primary certificate and above its level to become a teacher in 1939 in the city of Siq  Read more

Oran University was founded in September 2014 by Executive Decree No. 14-261 of September 22, 2014, which included the establishment of Oran University II and emerged from the division of Oran University, which was established in 1967.

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Central administration

University directorate

General secretariat


Vice Rectorate for External Relations

Vice Rectorate of Higher Education for 1st and 2nd cycles

Vice Rectorate of the 3rd cycle of education

Vice Rectorate Vice Rector Of Development, Foresight And Orientation

The University of Oran2 is composed of 05 faculties and 01 Institute

Institute of Maintenance and Industrial Safety

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Faculty of Earth and Universe Sciences

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Faculty of Economic Sciences. Commercial Sciences and Management Sc

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Faculty of Law and Political Science

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Faculty of Social Sciences

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Faculty of Foreign Languages

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Administrative staff


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Vice-Rector in charge of external relations, cooperation, outreach, communication and scientific events

Inter-University Cooperation and Exchanges Department   

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Contact details for the President and Vice-President of the Federation of African Students and Trainees

TOU Ramata


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