Accounting and sustainable development: What about Tomorrow's Challenges?


Conference Preamble
The world has recently faced economic disruptions and crises that have exposed the fragility of traditional accounting systems. In this context, the concept of sustainable development has emerged as an essential approach to balancing the economic, social, and environmental aspects of our actions, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction of current needs without compromising future generations.

In this perspective, accounting plays a crucial role in providing relevant financial and non- financial information for decision-making. Sustainable accounting consists of integrating environmental and social dimensions into accounting practices, thus making it possible to assess and measure the impact of economic activities on society and the environment. This requires the adoption of new standards and new tools to report transparently and reliably on the sustainable performance of organizations.

The symposium "Accounting and Sustainable Development: What about Tomorrow's Challenges?" aims to highlight the current and future issues of accounting in the context of sustainable development. It offers a platform for exchange and sharing of experiences between accounting professionals, researchers, policymakers, and actors in sustainable development.

 Conference Objectives
Understanding the importance
Understanding the importance of accounting in promoting sustainable development
Reviewing current accounting
Exploring the challenges
Identifying tools

 Conference Axes
Axis 1 :
Integrating environmental issues into accounting.
Axis 2 :
Axis 3 :
Axis 4 :
Axis 5 :
Axis 6 :
Axis 7 :

Important dates
  • Conference date: May 09, 2024

  • Full paper submission deadline: april 24, 2024

  • Notifications of acceptance : April 30, 2024

Honorary President: Pr. CHAALAL Ahmed (Rector of the University)

Supervision and coordination: Dr. TCHAM Farouk (Dean of the university)

President of the scientific committee: Pr. BENBAYER Habib

President of the organizing committee: Dr. DJABELLAH Houda

Director of the laboratory: Pr. FERHAOUI Mustapha

President of the conference: Dr. BOUDAOUD Souilla
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