Configure your android smart phone to synchronize with zimbra

This article is aimed at users who want to check their university oran2 email from a smart phone.


The exact steps depend on the application you are using. Generally speaking, the configuration consists of two parts :

  • the "incoming server settings" (IMAP)

  • outgoing server settings" (SMTP)


In the settings menu of your smart phone, you will find an account sub-menu. Select add an account then choose to add an "Imap" type account.

  • Enter your institutional address.
  • Enter your password, in the "Server" field Enter "", then click on next.
  • In the "SMTP Server" field, enter "".

Paramètres IMAP

Paramètres SMTP


You can set up your account manually with the following settings:

Incoming Server "IMAP": Port:993 Authentication:SSL

Outgoing "SMTP" server: Port:465 Authentication:SSL


 This setting is optional, and allows you to manage the account name displayed on your Android device. You can change in the headlines it or leave it as the default. Click Next.

Now that the Imap Account is set up, your emails, calendars, tasks and/or contacts are synchronised with your mobile devices and can beviewed by the applications that are specific to your device.

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