Psychological follow-up

Online or in-person.

Talk to a psychologist in presentation or video conference from home.



The psychological support cell is a space of confidentiality, which aims to welcome, listen, understand, inform, guide by proposing appropriate care. It also provides psychological support and supports employees/students at the University of Oran 2 with appropriate solutions to their situation as well as to their own internal resources.

These are innovative initiatives to improve the well-being of the university community through a specific service dedicated to them.


Allow the employee/student to feel listened to, heard and understood, and thus to express the problems that are his own, whether or not they are related to the university;

  • Provide useful and quality support to people in need;
  • Introduce, by changing the lighting of the situation, mitigation or even a reduction of the feeling of being badly;
  • Preventing psychosocial risks at the university
  • Improve the well-being of staff and students;
  • Reducing stress and its consequences
  • They may detect people in great difficulty and refer them to specialized places of care as soon as possible;
  • Prevent burn-out;
  • Accompanying personal and professional changes;
  • Give health advice (sleep, addictions, and lifestyle).



Ethical principle for members

Preservation of professional confidentiality and the principle of confidentiality

Confidentiality is essential for the effectiveness of the work within the cell. It concerns all its members. They undertake not to return or disclose the information collected during the charges or after their completion to any third party. 


For a presentation appointment:

Send your request with your contact information (name - first name - phone) to the following address: . An appointment will be given.

Location of the consultation: Listening cell: 2nd floor of the central library of the University of Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed, pole Belgaid.

For a video-conference appointment:

Confirm the date and time below, then fill out the form

Ou nous Trouver 

Cellule d’écoute. 2 eme étage de la bibliothèque centrale de l’université d’Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed,  pole Belgaid

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